Hello, friends!

There’s just enough light left outside for a nice, evening walk before bed, so I’m about to lace up my tennis shoes and take advantage of that. But before doing so, I wanted to upload my weekly video update on my journey toward healing and also share a new food product I’ve been loving, a massage-related product, and a new Spotify playlist of relaxing tunes. (Scroll down to the very bottom of this blog post, after the photos, to hear the playlist.)

Love you, praying for you, see you all later. *insert cheesy Taylor Swift hand-cupped heart here*

First day back with these girls.
Miss FitBit has been a huge (and fun!) motivator. Thank you Andre Mendoza.
A rare moment when the pool was empty. Gorgeous.

And here’s that playlist I promised ya. Remember, we have a deal — you listen to what I have… and then you share one of YOUR favorites with all of us.