Hello, friends! I’m excited to post the first in this series of travel pieces celebrating friends around the world. I’ve always noticed how quite a large percentage of my friends have ended up saying Yes to adventures that required travel either outside California or outside the U.S. For a while, this brought frustration as I complained, “I keep losing people!” But now I see things differently. It’s actually an honor to know so many folks whose bravery and vision and creativity has set them apart and swept them away across the sea — or at least out of state. And then, of course, there are still the friends local enough to still grab coffee with who are doing good work, as well those who already lived across the country when I met them.

In summary, these individuals are nothing short of amazing; and, like I said, it’s an honor to get to share some of their stories over the next couple of months and celebrate not only this beautiful (and much-needed!) change in seasons, but also a change in perspective as we share this world through others’ eyes. Enjoy!


This past year, I had the pleasure of working with both Kaela and Jason La Farge at William Jessup University, before they packed it all up and flew to the Middle East at the end of summer to follow their dreams. Since then, I’ve loved seeing the world through their eyes and their photojournalism, which often calls me to celebrate the same objects back home in new ways.  Take the next few minutes to step into Western Turkey with the La Farge family and experience autumn from their perspective.



A city nestled inside Western Turkey. The La Farges originally hail from Rocklin, CA.

Vocation / Current Job


A book you’ve read and enjoyed lately

Jason read The Martian and loved it!! He’s also reading the Hobbit. Both books have a great theme of adventure that feeds into life abroad.

Favorite eatery or dish this fall

We love the cafe down street from us. Kaela’s favorite dish right now is gozleme (fried flat bread stuffed with cheese and potatoes), and Jason loves doner sandwiches and wraps (shaved meat). We love the staff there and do our language lessons there often! We also love Turkish breakfast and go get it every weekend!

What’s your favorite thing about fall?

I love everything about fall. The crisp air, the spiced flavors, the warm drinks, the snuggling up on the couch. The breezy weather and changing scenery makes it feel like new things are ahead.

Weekly bazaar of produce, foods, and goods.
Turkish coffee.
A church from circa 1835.
Tavla, or Backgammon, a common game of choice
Traditional Turkish breakfast
A normal fall day of blankets, coffee, candles, books, and apple cinnamon oatmeal.


Thanks for reading, everyone! Happy autumn, and be on the watch for Part 2 of this travel series.