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“Traveling – it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller” -Ibn Battuta

I’m excited to share that I’ll be hosting my special Travel Writing course for the third time – this May. (Currently, I’m teaching the class on the Sierra College campus in Northern California.) So that means you have a month and a half to prepare for a course that will hopefully open your eyes to new ways of thinking.


This is a five-week course designed to immerse you into the world of travel writing. We will adventure through foreign cities, as well as our own, guided by themes of curiosity, wonder, gratitude, and humor. More than just developing the art of writing, we will learn the art of seeing. The teaching style is designed to be as engaging and interactive as possible and includes mini-lecture videos, weekly written assignments (including a local food review!), discussion posts, tips & tricks, and relevant articles, blogs, and chapters.

There are only 15 spots, which keeps the class intimate and allows me to provide personal writing critique to each person. This means, the first 15 people who pre-register will get in, and the rest will be put on a waiting list for the course’s resurrection this fall.  

Take a second and visit the popular one-minute YouTube videos, Eat, Learn, and Move for inspiration. (I have to admit, I watch these all the time just because they’re fun and make me want to globe trot.)

I’ll only be hosting this course one time this spring/summer, so now’s your chance to sign-up! Be sure and share this opportunity with a friend because it’s always fun to have someone along who can keep you accountable and help brainstorm assignment ideas. In the past, I’ve had students reach out and invite a friend to join in the writing adventure along with them, which I highly suggest! Either way, though, we’ll have a great time.

The course is valued at $70, but I’m charging a special rate of $45 per person.

Please visit the link below to pre-register and save your [virtual] seat for this course!

Travel Writing: Learning to See