Hi, all! This past week in Nashville, I had the honor of staying with and getting to know Aaron and Amber Robinson a little bit better, and I was the better for it. Aaron is a singer-songwriter from Indianapolis who also leads worship at his church. We had the chance to sing a couple of worship songs together in our living room last week, and it was a slice of heaven. Aaron currently has a Kickstarter project out, hoping to raise funds to support the production of his new music project, Love Struggle. He’s more than 50% of the way there! 

Megan Mellinger Photography (c) 2016

If you’re a musician who knows the faithful work it takes to build a record from the ground up—or if you’re one who helps support under the radar artists to grow in reputation among their community—I encourage you to donate even a few dollars to this project. Higher donations are welcome too, of course. But the Robinson family knows the power of a tiny mustard seed, and their faith is one that trusts if God is in this new record, it will come to pass. I love that. Have a listen to Aaron’s song “Mysteries of the Kingdom” from his past record, and enjoy his response to the few questions I asked him below.

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As a songwriter, you have the gift of cultivating a listener’s environment for 3-5 minutes at a time. What do you envision people experiencing through listening to this album?

Each song has been crafted to give space for you to think, breathe, and sing. You’ll hear influences of Foy VanceAll Sons and DaughtersWild BelleThe Brilliance, and even Franz Liszt. I love when music transports me to a different world. But I’m also hoping Love Struggle will enter into your world, right where you are, and allow you to be okay with what’s there. Pain, grief, joy, excitement—we all experience these emotions at some point. I’d like to offer an accompaniment track to all of these.

C. S. Lewis said “to love is to be vulnerable.” What are some ways you’ve had to be vulnerable in creating this album about your struggle with love?

That I’ve posted a video for the world to see, saying, “I struggle to believe that God loves me,” is one way I’ve had to be vulnerable! #jokingnotjoking Being vulnerable in my songwriting has been a difficult process to learn. The easiest way to write a song is to say something vague and general, but my wife Amber has really pushed me to be more specific. And that has really been (painful) helpful. In the song How Long O Lord, I’m working through the feeling that God seems absent:

I know your word

It is your voice but

If it is your voice

Why can’t I hear you speak

How long O Lord

Will you be silent

Do not be silent

I don’t want to fall down

That’s not something you hear at church in a song very often, but the Psalms are filled with truth in the dark times. The Psalms also help me praise God in the midst of wrestling:

Your love O Lord

It is my strength

You are my shield

You hear me when I fall down

You hear me when I fall down

I don’t want to fall down…

What’s your favorite song on this new collection – and why?

My favorite songs change as production comes together. But if I had to pick, it would be two: Soon I Will Be Done, which is my take on the traditional spiritual; and Brought Me Out, a new one I wrote in a similar style. Both are really fun to sing, but I really like that Brought Me Out embodies how I’ve been feeling lately. It was the last one I wrote for the record. I realized that, while most of the songs were borne out of dark times, Amber and I are seeing the sun start to rise. We’re still going through some hard stuff, but we’ve had a lot of joy recently.

You have brought me out

(echo) You have brought me out

Brought me out of the water

(echo) Brought me out of the water

Thrown down deep in the heart of the sea

And the billows and the waves, they covered me

I cried out and you answered me

From the belly of the grave you set me free

Megan Mellinger Photography (c) 2016

I can’t wait to hear Love Struggle in its entirety. To support Aaron and his Kickstarter project, Love Struggle, click here. Every $1 helps. You can also visit his website and like his music page on Facebook.

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