Over the last two months, the word “beloved” or “belovedness” has shown up absolutely everywhere. It’s been close to my heart ever since the Makers & Mystics virtual conference, where visioneer Stephen Roach gave us a charge to write the mantra “I am accepted in the Beloved” somewhere prominent in our home. The phrase is taken from Colossians 3:12 (ESV) and Matthew 17:5, where God declares His own Son beloved and then Paul extends the affectionate title to us, God’s children.

Many have written about the idea of being God’s beloved—or Christ Himself as the Beloved through which we find our identity. Take Henri Nouwen. He wrote a whole book on it called Life of the Beloved.

After the conference, I made a playlist (as one does) on this theme of being accepted in the Beloved. It features a few of the artists who sang during that event, but my favorite track is one I stumbled upon during the process. The song is “Belovedness” by Sarah Kroger, and you should have a listen post-haste. It’s lovely and contemplative and oh so true.

Maybe this awareness of the word is due to that thing they call “frequency illusion,” where suddenly you notice a word or an object everywhere after your attention is first drawn to it. But even so, I’m happy about it. God is bringing the idea of being His beloved to mind, using many different sources to capture our imagination and deepen our understanding of Him. He often moves thematically like this through people. Let’s keep the ripple effect going.

Friends, our identity is always at stake. People challenge it, even if they are people we love. Culture challenges it. The spiritual forces working for our harm threaten it and, often, so do our own beliefs. This is why we want to draw close to what Scripture says like we would to a bonfire on a cold night.

Christ is God’s Beloved.

We are God’s Beloved.

We are accepted in the Beloved—loved, holy, chosen, accepted.

Let’s release all that is false and rest in the comfort of this together.