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Hello, there!

I’m Bailey, a writer from sunny California. I also like to dabble in music, massage therapy, swim lessons, and English tutoring. And yes—I’m still trying to find the common denominator in all those things.

Being active was my thing — kickboxing, swing dancing, Ultimate Frisbee, Zumba. After transferring to a four-year college, I accumulated digestive problems and muscular pain that inhibited my ability to do much prolonged exercise. You can imagine my discouragement. There were a few other bumps in the road that battered my heart and caused me to press into Jesus deeply. He didn’t say yes to all my passionate prayers; but, instead, he steadied my steps and taught me how to be brave on this “long obedience in the same direction,” as Eugene Peterson puts it. I have dealt with depression and anxiety, feeling the darkness that comes when all joy seems to have been snuffed out of life. These dances through the complexities of mental health have rooted my heart in faith and friendships in a way that skimming by on the surface never could have. They allow me to be a better writer and a better friend. They let me revel in the simplicity of those precious days full of sunshine and no pain. So I am grateful.

Like anyone, my heart’s desire is to find physical and emotional healing; but, more than that, it’s also to encourage others who have hit a wall in their physical, emotional, or spiritual health journeys and are soul-weary. I want to be a faithful friend and honest writer, all while trying to live a good story.

Hopefully, this is a thoughtful and creative place that captures your imagination. You can also Subscribefollow me on Twitter, or like my author page on Facebook if you’re into that jazz.

Remember, friends – wholeness is a journey.


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Much of who I am has been marked by The Rabbit Room community in Nashville. Check it out here (and here). I also had the privilege of interviewing my favorite singer/songwriter, Andrew Peterson (proprietor of The Rabbit Room), for a literary journal. You can read it here.