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I’m Bailey, a writer and instructor from sunny California who loves long walks, good music, farmers markets, and beautiful stories. As the creative visionary at my new business, Bluebird Writing Co., I mentor others in the art and craft of creative nonfiction writing through courses and 1:1 mentorships (and hopefully day retreats soon!). These opportunities will include spiritual and wellness practices as we aim to care for the whole writer—mind, body, and spirit. It’s a good time. You can expect lots of sensory writing prompts, fun assignments, guided audio walks, book recommendations, and collaborative playlists. (Click here for the one we built for Writing As an Act of Hospitality.) 



There are many things I’m passionate about, but the intersection of creative nonfiction writing, wellness/embodiment, and spiritual formation is closest to my heart. It’s because those are the areas where God has met me in my story and provided a path forward.

Having studied massage therapy while living alongside chronic pain, a highly sensitive nervous system, and a severe mood disorder (PMDD), I understand the complexity of the human body and the energy it takes to keep fighting. My health challenges have been one of the key catalysts for deepening my relationship with Jesus, although I’ll be the first to admit sometimes he feels far away. But usually it’s in the darkest places that we receive the most comfort. He has met me again and again, providing care and strength. Writing has always been the key way I’ve remembered God’s work in my life and made meaning from these experiences.  

Our journeys toward wholeness require faithfulness, the company of good friends, plenty of self care, and a fierce commitment to hope. Through emotionally honest storytelling, I want to come alongside others and help them find the courage to keep walking when life looks very different than expected. As the wonderful John O’Donohue once said, “May you find in yourself a courageous hospitality toward what is difficult, painful, and unknown.”


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