Hi there!

I’m Bailey, a creative nonfiction writer from sunny California. Currently, I live in Nashville where I work as a content writer and editor by day. 

There are many things I’m passionate about, but closest to my heart is the intersection of writing, wellness/embodiment, and spiritual formation. Having studied massage therapy while wrestling with chronic pain and a mood disorder from a young age, I understand the complexity of the human body and the exhaustion that comes from fighting. What I didn’t expect to learn was just how tied our bodies are to what we believe about God.


My personal health journey was the catalyst that thrust me into deeper intimacy with Jesus. Although God doesn’t always feel present in our pain, I’ve learned it’s usually in the darkest places that we receive the most comfort. For years, I’ve been saying that wholeness is a journey, yet I’m always surprised by how complex and persistent a journey it truly is. It’s one that requires faithfulness, the company of good friends, plenty of self care, and a fierce commitment to hope—perhaps what can even feels like foolish hope, at time. Through emotionally honest storytelling, I hope to come alongside others by pressing into hard truths and, as someone once told me, discover the presence of God in the places that feel like mystery. 

As a former massage therapist on a health and wellness journey, who has two degrees in writing, a love for educational mentorship, and a passion for seeing people grow in their awareness of God’s presence, my path has been anything but straight and narrow. But by better integrating these experiences, I hope to become more whole in the process and, hopefully, offer some gifts that have been life-giving and life-forming along the way.

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