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Bailey Gillespie

Bailey is a writer and instructor from sunny California who loves long walks, good music, farmers markets, and beautiful stories. Her writing has appeared at She Reads Truth, Worship Leader Magazine, Voice of Courage, and The Rabbit Room. You can follow her on Instagram at @bailey_bluebird.

Vulnerability in Writing

Today, I want to jump straight into what it means to practice vulnerability as a writer—specifically, within the art of creative nonfiction writing. Your readers need you to be vulnerable because this is how they will learn to trust you... Continue Reading →

Yin Yoga: A Practice in Perseverance

Our yoga instructor, Mandy, liked to start each class with a short, written reflection. Yellow luminaries flickered in a crescent moon around her mat. She took off her cloth mask and walked around the room with a brown journal in... Continue Reading →

Memoir vs. Autobiography

Let's be real, the first thing many people think when you tell them you're writing a memoir is, "Well, you must have a very high opinion of yourself!" They may find it a little audacious and egocentric that you'd want... Continue Reading →


Over the last two months, the word "beloved" or "belovedness" has shown up absolutely everywhere. It's been close to my heart ever since the Makers & Mystics virtual conference, where visioneer Stephen Roach gave us a charge to write the... Continue Reading →

Staying Home, Tornados, and the Beauty of Human Resilience

[Click here to watch a powerful tribute to the Nashville Tornado on Facebook.] “Please, please, you need to head to your safe space...”  Just after midnight on March 3, I awoke to the sound of sirens going off and storm... Continue Reading →

In Want + Plenty: Celebrating Meredith McDaniel’s Book Release!

Meredith McDaniel is a licensed professional counselor and owner of her private practice, Milk + Honey, near Charlotte, North Carolina. She has a gift for guiding people into the quieter places in their lives to help them taste God’s goodness.... Continue Reading →

Living from a Place of Abundance

"If you ever find yourself in the wrong story... leave." When I heard a podcast host drop this quote by Mull Williams recently, my brain exploded. In just one sentence, he managed to offer a simple anecdote for the grand... Continue Reading →

The Other Side of a Dream Come True

Five weeks ago on a wintry Tuesday, I unlocked the door to my new Nashville apartment with a silver key and an expectant heart. Dad stood next to me in the brick doorway, his presence easing the arrival of newness.... Continue Reading →

On Music and Belonging

The night before Thanksgiving, I learned how to play hand bells with my ridiculously talented musical friends, the Fisher twins. As Aubrey and Allison laid out the three bells I’d be holding for our Christmas medley, Aubrey was kind enough... Continue Reading →

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