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Goodbye, October

With only one day left, I thought it would be a good opportunity to send off October with a proper goodbye. It’s been a hot one for sure – no wool coats or scarves yet although Californians had a good... Continue Reading →

Massage Therapy: An Unexpected Source for Hospitality

Emerging from a cool, cavernous room with fern silhouettes cast against walls painted a deep purple, as if soaked with wine, I push open the doors and step into a warm storm. It's oddly humid for California, and I stand... Continue Reading →

Running With The Kite

[I wanted to share that I don't intend this piece to be prescriptive to all people in all circumstances. Obviously, there are those with chronic issues and diseases who are bedridden - or maybe God's still got you in 'the... Continue Reading →

Far Side of the Sea: An Interview with Eric Peters

*This interview was originally featured on The Rabbit Room. Click here to read it! Nashville-based musician/artist/book collector/gumbo-cuisinier Eric Peters has a new creative project, Far Side of the Sea -- a concept album and photographic memoir to be released as... Continue Reading →

Colder Than a Sunset

She sat on the bench—under a sky swirled like used sherbet—and tried not to think about her problems. Behind the small campus, a shaded trail wound along the wire fence until it spilled out into an open field. Somehow, even... Continue Reading →

Perseid Meteor Shower

The air was still thick and humid at 11pm, left over from a 100-degree August afternoon that sautéed everything in its path. But moisture slowly seeped from pockets of muddy grass, as I lay on my back with arms folded... Continue Reading →

A Perfect Fit

It's Monday, and the house is dim and quiet like it is most nights here in the city. Except for the metallic, staccato clink of a sink full of utensils, the silence is heavy. An old guitar sits and stares,... Continue Reading →

Travel Writing + Buying Mangos: Guest Storyteller

Not long ago, I held an online creative writing class with a handful of awesome co-learners, eager to start honing their skills. The class was called Travel Writing: Cathedrals & Cream Soda, and one of our most enthusiastic writers was... Continue Reading →

If Medical Centers Were Houses of Healing

Then Aragorn laid his hands on Merry’s head and, passing his hand gently through the brown curls, he touched the eyelids and called him by his name. And when the fragrance of athelas stole through the room, like the scent... Continue Reading →

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