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Splash – Eating Our Way Through Santa Cruz (Part I)

"They could double the price, and I would still order it. I would sell my cats for this." Coming from my friend Margie, who is a devoted cat lover and recently built her own "Paws Mahal" for her caboodle of... Continue Reading →

10 of the Best Eats Near Rocklin, CA

Most nights, instead of falling asleep, I'm thinking about what I'm going to eat the next day. Usually, the spicier and more flavorful the better, which is why most of my foodie dreams revolve around tacos. So, I thought I'd... Continue Reading →

Sober ‘Til October

Once upon a time, some good friends and I went off eating sugar for four months straight. FOUR months, people! January through May, which includes Easter. I can't even last four days anymore, which seems to stem from a growing,... Continue Reading →

Experimental Probiotics: The Art of Not Growing Kefir

Since it’s been en vogue to spout health-conscious lingo for quite some time now, I’m seizing the opportunity to write my way through the adventure of healing my digestive system. I figure you won’t be grossed out by that. I... Continue Reading →

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