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My Nashville Story

Friends, This winter, I'll be packing up my life and my little white Subaru and moving to Nashville, Tennessee. For real, this time. Some of you have probably heard talk of this before—sometimes in dreamy whispers or maybe even as... Continue Reading →

Splash – Eating Our Way Through Santa Cruz (Part I)

"They could double the price, and I would still order it. I would sell my cats for this." Coming from my friend Margie, who is a devoted cat lover and recently built her own "Paws Mahal" for her caboodle of... Continue Reading →

7-Day Blogging Challenge: #6 – Travel Writing Online Course (Pre-Registration)

This is the sixth assignment in Jeff Goins’ blogging challenge – “Blog Like a Pro: 7-Day Challenge.” To read my manifesto from Assignment #1, click here. You can also check out the introductory post over at to join the fun!  .... Continue Reading →

Autumn Travel Series [Part 2]: Christine Rollings – Manila, Philippines

[Read Part 1 in this Autumn Travel Series here.] I first "met" Christine (that's right - we haven't actually met in person yet, but we're convinced it's gonna happen!) through an online group reserved for Hutchmoot attendees (the annual Nashville... Continue Reading →

Autumn Travel Series [Part 1]: Kaela La Farge – Western Turkey

Hello, friends! I'm excited to post the first in this series of travel pieces celebrating friends around the world. I've always noticed how quite a large percentage of my friends have ended up saying Yes to adventures that required travel... Continue Reading →

Travel Writing + Buying Mangos: Guest Storyteller

Not long ago, I held an online creative writing class with a handful of awesome co-learners, eager to start honing their skills. The class was called Travel Writing: Cathedrals & Cream Soda, and one of our most enthusiastic writers was... Continue Reading →

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