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Yin Yoga: A Practice in Perseverance

Our yoga instructor, Mandy, liked to start each class with a short, written reflection. Yellow luminaries flickered in a crescent moon around her mat. She took off her cloth mask and walked around the room with a brown journal in... Continue Reading →

Living from a Place of Abundance

"If you ever find yourself in the wrong story... leave." When I heard a podcast host drop this quote by Mull Williams recently, my brain exploded. In just one sentence, he managed to offer a simple anecdote for the grand... Continue Reading →

The Other Side of a Dream Come True

Five weeks ago on a wintry Tuesday, I unlocked the door to my new Nashville apartment with a silver key and an expectant heart. Dad stood next to me in the brick doorway, his presence easing the arrival of newness.... Continue Reading →

On Music and Belonging

The night before Thanksgiving, I learned how to play hand bells with my ridiculously talented musical friends, the Fisher twins. As Aubrey and Allison laid out the three bells I’d be holding for our Christmas medley, Aubrey was kind enough... Continue Reading →

How Scent Might Be Key to Your Health Journey

In massage therapy training, therapists have the option to choose classes focused on the power of scents and how they connect to relaxation, mental health, and emotional memory. While people may be drawn to certain scents for their health properties... Continue Reading →

Far Side of the Sea: A Review of Eric Peters’ New Album

You may remember an interview I conducted with singer/songwriter, Eric Peters, last September about the upcoming release of his new album, Far Side of the Sea. It was featured on this blog, as well as The Rabbit Room. Well, last week,... Continue Reading →

Autumn Travel Series (Part 3): Kristen Kopp – Owattona, MN

[Read Part 2 in this Autumn Travel Series here.] Hello, everyone! I'm excited to share the story of our next guest in this fun series celebrating the change in seasons around the world. Kristen Kopp and I met in Nashville,... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, October

With only one day left, I thought it would be a good opportunity to send off October with a proper goodbye. It’s been a hot one for sure – no wool coats or scarves yet although Californians had a good... Continue Reading →

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