Writing As an Act of Hospitality 2020

  • Sept 1 – 27, 2020
  • Hosted online through Pathwright
  • To register, please send your $49 tuition to one of the following payment methods: Cash App (ID: $heybailz), Venmo (ID: @Bailey-L-Gillespie), or Paypal (baileylgillespie@gmail.com)

This is a four-week enrichment course for anyone interested in exploring the intersection of hospitality and narrative nonfiction writing. Coursework includes reading, writing, and listening content.

  • Write four original 500-800 word essays 
  • Develop your writing voice in the craft of narrative nonfiction
  • Explore writing as a way to deepen your understanding and practice of hospitality 
  • Connect with other writers
  • Discover further resources to enrich your writing journey

For more information, please email baileylgillespie@gmail.com.


“Bailey Gillespie is masterful at teaching writing skills to underprepared college students. Bailey developed engaging curriculum to deliver two successful Writing Boot Camps, in which 95% of her students passed the challenge exam administered on the last day of camp.” –Vicki Quirarte, Director of Writing and Professor of English at William Jessup University

Writing Boot Camp 2017

  • July 31 – Aug 17, 2017
  • William Jessup University, Rocklin Campus (2121 University Ave)
  • To register, visit attend.com/summerbootcamps

Writer Boot Camp is a three-week hybrid course designed to help you boost your writing skills and gain the confidence needed to become prepared for college-level writing. For $100 and three weeks’ time, you can gain the skills needed to challenge your English placement, test out of ENGL 092, and be eligible to take ENGL 101A in the fall. Or you can simply take the course as a fun refresher! It runs for two weeks online and one week on campus from 1-4pm.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain confidence needed to successfully write college-level essays.
  • Write organized papers controlled by a strong thesis.
  • Develop and expand ideas that are supported by a variety of relevant details and support.
  • Construct sentences that demonstrate control of grammar, sentence variety, word choice, and conventions of standard written English.

For more information, please email bgillespie@jessup.edu or call the WJU Learning Commons at (916) 577-2298. Click here to view FAQ.



“… [Bailey was] very knowledgeable and well prepared for teaching this class. It was interesting and had something to learn with each assignment.” -Colleen, Sierra College Community Education student

Travel Writing

  • February 29 – March 28, 2016
  • Sierra College, Rocklin Campus (5000 Rocklin Rd.)
  • To register, visit the Sierra College website or call the Community Education line at (916) 781-6280.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller” (Ibn Battuta). This is a five-week course designed to immerse you into the world of travel writing. We will adventure through foreign cities, as well as our own, guided by themes of curiosity, wonder, gratitude, and humor. More than just developing the art of writing, we will learn the art of seeing. The teaching style is designed to be as engaging and interactive as possible and includes mini-lecture videos, weekly written assignments (including a local food review!), discussion posts, tips & tricks, and relevant articles, blogs, and chapters.



Travel Writing: Cathedrals & Cream Soda