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In Defense of the ‘Religious Right’

Before you read this, I want you to know (if you don't already) that I am the last person to jump into a culture/political finger-pointing match, which is why it has taken a lot of thought and sentence-deleting to get... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, October

With only one day left, I thought it would be a good opportunity to send off October with a proper goodbye. It’s been a hot one for sure – no wool coats or scarves yet although Californians had a good... Continue Reading →

Running With The Kite

[I wanted to share that I don't intend this piece to be prescriptive to all people in all circumstances. Obviously, there are those with chronic issues and diseases who are bedridden - or maybe God's still got you in 'the... Continue Reading →

Far Side of the Sea: An Interview with Eric Peters

*This interview was originally featured on The Rabbit Room. Click here to read it! Nashville-based musician/artist/book collector/gumbo-cuisinier Eric Peters has a new creative project, Far Side of the Sea -- a concept album and photographic memoir to be released as... Continue Reading →

Colder Than a Sunset

She sat on the bench—under a sky swirled like used sherbet—and tried not to think about her problems. Behind the small campus, a shaded trail wound along the wire fence until it spilled out into an open field. Somehow, even... Continue Reading →

Naturopathy, New Zealand Cows, & a Soothing Playlist

Hello, friends! There's just enough light left outside for a nice, evening walk before bed, so I'm about to lace up my tennis shoes and take advantage of that. But before doing so, I wanted to upload my weekly video... Continue Reading →

A Perfect Fit

It's Monday, and the house is dim and quiet like it is most nights here in the city. Except for the metallic, staccato clink of a sink full of utensils, the silence is heavy. An old guitar sits and stares,... Continue Reading →

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