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On Poetry: A Resurrected Interview with Andrew Peterson

This interview was written in October 2011 and originally appeared in Metonym Literary Journal in Spring 2012.  Gillespie: Although the majority of your work, or at least most familiar work, is not specifically poetry, you have a uniquely poetic way... Continue Reading →

Hutchmoot 2016 + The Mission of Resonance

In the Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris, you walk away from the story feeling like you've woken up from a dream. Eyes not quite adjusted to daylight yet, ears still mesmerized by the nightclub jazz piano and the murmuring of... Continue Reading →

I Heard the Bells: Hope In Our Darkest Hour

** This post was first published in December of 2013. I thought it was a good time to resurrect it. Happy Christmas, friends! ** I heard the bells on Christmas Day / their old familiar carols play / and wild... Continue Reading →


Why does the air smell like memories? I breath them in at night, during walks along a warm curb cast in the golden glow of spilling street lamps.  The cold grass: reminds me of past Sundays, throwing discs by the... Continue Reading →

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