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Land of the Living

The following excerpt is from my creative nonfiction work-in-progress. .          .          .  It was dusk when I laced up my running shoes on the trails behind campus. These trails were almost more familiar than my own breath now, winding in... Continue Reading →

The Freedom to Lament Your Illness

The situation According to Kaiser Permanente, low stress levels are vital to a healthy immune system. One overlooked skill that may help medical patients lower stress levels and strengthen their overall health is the ability to lament their illnesses. For... Continue Reading →

Running With The Kite

[I wanted to share that I don't intend this piece to be prescriptive to all people in all circumstances. Obviously, there are those with chronic issues and diseases who are bedridden - or maybe God's still got you in 'the... Continue Reading →

A Perfect Fit

It's Monday, and the house is dim and quiet like it is most nights here in the city. Except for the metallic, staccato clink of a sink full of utensils, the silence is heavy. An old guitar sits and stares,... Continue Reading →

Sober ‘Til October

Once upon a time, some good friends and I went off eating sugar for four months straight. FOUR months, people! January through May, which includes Easter. I can't even last four days anymore, which seems to stem from a growing,... Continue Reading →

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