Bailey Gillespie

Wholeness is a Journey



My Nashville Story

Friends, This winter, I'll be packing up my life and my little white Subaru and moving to Nashville, Tennessee. For real, this time. Some of you have probably heard talk of this before—sometimes in dreamy whispers or maybe even as... Continue Reading →

My Master of Arts Party Speech

In the song, “Many Roads,” one of my favorite songwriters describes the strange, winding path that sometimes brings people together. He says: You can see the roads that we all traveled just to get here A million miniscule decisions in... Continue Reading →

Colder Than a Sunset

She sat on the bench—under a sky swirled like used sherbet—and tried not to think about her problems. Behind the small campus, a shaded trail wound along the wire fence until it spilled out into an open field. Somehow, even... Continue Reading →

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