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Wholeness is a Journey



Land of the Living

The following excerpt is from my creative nonfiction work-in-progress. .          .          .  It was dusk when I laced up my running shoes on the trails behind campus. These trails were almost more familiar than my own breath now, winding in... Continue Reading →

EMDR Therapy and Exploring Grief

When I was younger, I used to meander through our Three Acre Woods, listening to beautiful film scores. It was an emotionally satisfying experience that I couldn't describe at the time, but somehow needed. I've always been drawn to sad... Continue Reading →

7-Day Blogging Challenge: #1 – Manifesto

This manifesto is the first assignment in Jeff Goins' blogging challenge - "Blog Like a Pro: 7-Day Challenge." Check out that introductory post over at and feel free to join the fun!  .          .  ... Continue Reading →

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