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Wholeness is a Journey



The Other Side of a Dream Come True

Five weeks ago on a wintry Tuesday, I unlocked the door to my new Nashville apartment with a silver key and an expectant heart. Dad stood next to me in the brick doorway, his presence easing the arrival of newness.... Continue Reading →

The Ogre’s Castle and the Cottage: Reflections on the Two-Fold Nature of Art

This opinion piece was written for my Writing for Media & Public Relations graduate course. Originally submitted on 12/5/2016, it fits into my media kit by providing an argument for how¬†songwriters can use their music as a form of hospitality... Continue Reading →

Massage Therapy: An Unexpected Source for Hospitality

Emerging from a cool, cavernous room with fern silhouettes cast against walls painted a deep purple, as if soaked with wine, I push open the doors and step into a warm storm. It's oddly humid for California, and I stand... Continue Reading →

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